Ethan Wesley's Birth Story

December 24, 2014 in Manhattan, KS

I paced and rocked and sat and kneeled. I was ready to be done.
My midwife arrived about 8am and checked baby’s heartbeat. I couldn’t sit still long enough as I needed to move during the contractions. I vocalized with each contraction. My support team poured warm water on my back and encouraged me.
About 30 minutes later I announced that the baby was coming because I decided I was going to push. No uncontrollable urge, I just wanted to. My doula went to get the midwife and my daughter.
I pushed a few times and decided to check myself. I could feel his head! I was encouraged to keep pushing and allow myself to rest in between contractions.
His head emerged and I rested. With the next contraction I pushed, his shoulders emerged, and out he came!
My husband and I caught him and brought him to my chest. He was born with his amniotic sac still intact and his hand up by his face. My midwife removed the membranes as I held my son and wept.
I did it! It was over and my little boy was here. A perfect Christmas gift!

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