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When you ask someone to list the most important and memorable moments in life, what do you hear? Was it college graduation? The day they got married? When they lost a loved one? What about when they gained a loved one?

What a whirlwind of excitement it is that surrounds the birth of a child. A flurry of details lost within a story that is told over and over again. Who was there and what did they look like as they awaited that first glimpse of life? Was the person holding the camera someone who should have been captured in those precious images? Were the pictures just a blur of color, all that is left to represent the fading memories, or did you bring in a professional to document every last detail?

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Regardless of how a baby is brought into the world, there is no moment more emotional than meeting that new life. I will do whatever it takes to make sure I am there to capture not just those first magical breaths, but the entire story of your child’s birthday.

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Little Leapling Photography was born out of my ever growing passion to illustrate the birth stories that often completely redefine who we are. There is nothing I love more than that moment when a mother realizes that she was truly beautiful and powerful during those most intense moments of labor.

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